The formula of becoming rich
Saturday, February 16, 2008
written by Milagrosa

This is so alarming. Don’t you know that the most leading root cause of divorces in the US is because of financial problems? After all, financial burdens cause a lot of stress to young couples who are not financially secured.
According to the book, How to become a Millionaire. There’s a solution for saving money. We just have to revise our formula on savings.
Our Formula:
Income – Expenses = Savings.

The truth is, this kind of formula doesn’t normally work and expenses are higher than what we earn.

Here’s the formula suggested by the book:
Income – Savings = Expenses

It guarantees everybody who uses this formula that we can always save money because we always set aside a little amount of our income in our savings bank. And thru time, these savings pile up. These are the most common secrets of the millionaires. It’s about saving.

But of course, there may be emergencies that we cannot avoid. Don’t you know that an alternative way of loaning money is using the internet? It’s called payday cash loans. The minimum requirements is that you’re at least 18 years of age, have a stable job, and a bank account. But be aware that this kind of loan is just for short-term and not a long-term loan. That means the purpose of these loans are for your needs and not for the wants.

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Alvin and the chipmunks
Monday, February 11, 2008
written by Milagrosa

Don’t you just love the movie? It’s so sweet and cute and cuddly and did I mention cute? I especially love Theodore because he is so freakin’ cute. And don’t you know that the GREAT Jesse McCartney actually voiced Theodore? Awesomeness. Just pure awesomeness.
Be warned that this post might contain some spoilers. So Dave, the guy in the movie was just an ordinary guy fooling around according to Claire, the love interest of Dave.
He’s that guy who never takes life seriously, at least that what Claire describes him as. But for me, Dave is fine. I think he’s cute though and would love to meet him. And did I mention to you that he’s romantic and a musician? Just the perfect combination.
But as we all know musicians don’t pay well. Wait a minute; is there a job that pays well with lesser work load? Good thing there are cash loans that you can rely to in case of emergency where you deeply need funds immediately. It’s pretty easy to sign up and get accepted. Most of them don’t’ require that much requirements and only needs you to be 18, have a regular job, and have a bank.

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It's all about love
Monday, February 11, 2008
written by Milagrosa

It’s that season again where you always see couples everywhere holding hands and getting really mushy. It’s sweet and I think this kind of tradition should go forever. This day is about love and about cupid. Every lovebird anticipates it, and singles dread it. Whether you have a mate or not this day should be memorable and long lasting. You might be hit by cupid. So dress up!
So have you found that perfect gift you can’t wait to give to your loved one? If not and you’re on tight budget, you can try cash advance. It’s done online with lesser hassle and easier transaction. Most of the process is so fast that you get approved immediately. Yup, no more background checking. This kind of payday loan also relieves you the stress of asking money from your friends and relatives. You just need to be 18 and have a job and a bank. And that’s it you can apply immediately.
Of course, your special someone deserves the best. And don’t compromise it. Every woman wants to be pampered and feels special on this most important day of the year. So, don’t worry. Ask her out on an expensive restaurant. After all, it’s just once a year.

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Getting ahead with college
Monday, February 11, 2008
written by Milagrosa

Every student in their senior year in high school can get so confused with so many courses that it literally does make your head ache. If you’re still on the bridge of finding the perfect course, then I can give you some sensible tips which I hope could help you with your college life.

1. Know what subjects you like
It does help, when you love writing then you can proceed to majoring on journalism or English literature majors. But don’t give me that I-hate-all-subjects-but-recess attitude. That won’t get anywhere.
2. Take as many scholarship as available

Visit your guidance counselor in your local school and he may give you some tips and help you out. Scholarship can save your parent’s money.
3. Apply to many schools and not just one
It pays to have a back-up system so that if one school rejects you then you have other alternatives.
4. Surf the internet
Computers are not just created for playing. Getting a lot of information can help you decide which major you should take.

When you are finally admitted to the college of your choice, don’t forget to have student insurance. You can google a lot of online insurance out there like the that offers auto insurance and other types of insurance with great benefits.

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Why words change
Sunday, February 10, 2008
written by Milagrosa

It’s quite intriguing and strange how people of today are so different from people 20 years back. Even our language had changed so much. Everything has changed since the technology boom began. Even slang words are so freaking different today than the slang words of my parents. Take for example the words like peer, seed, torrent, blog, wiki, twit and the other i-words which Steve Jobs popularized. I bet they couldn’t even understand the phrase 3 leechers and 0 seeders. Every time I talk to my parents about it, they cannot comprehend these simple words that we have changed the meanings of it.

But despite all these, there are still some words that did not change but only updated for the benefit of the human kind specifically to me.

Thank goodness they did not change the meaning of shopping. Today we have online cashless shopping and in the convenience of our couch. Even loaning money like pay day loan are done online which are much faster and easier than ever. It’s also has lesser hassle than loaning money to my friends and relative which I find quite embarrassing. It’s anonymous too and you do it online.

Words and their meanings may change thru time, but it’s all for the benefit of every earthling citizen. (I hope)

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